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Monday, September 07, 2009

Design Wall-Week 15

Where has the time gone? Week 15 of Judy L's Design Wall Monday. Be sure to check out what everyone is working on. I have no idea which order these pictures will publish in so I'll just chat and you can find the picture. :-)

Me, I cheated. I pulled a Thimbleberries UFO out of the bag that it has been in the box for a couple years and put it on the wall. I shouldn't say I'm cheating because I actually plan to work on this quilt during the week. My friend Sonya gave me these blocks and I feel like a rotten friend for not finishing this quilt. A few months ago I went to the quilt shop with the blocks and bought sashing and border fabric so I have no excuse. I put this UFO on my list for the small online group challenge and this number was pulled for August. I have 3 days until the next number is called. I've been doing pretty good getting those projects done or to a place where I can put them on the list for the next step like I did with the row quilt. (quick note--the blocks are printed, not embroidered but they sure look like they are)

The 2 blocks are the beginning of a BOM for the same small group. We are each taking a turn to choose a 9" block. I have decided to use one or 2 white background fabrics and my scrap basket. So far, so good. I am waiting for Stashbusters to post the next 2 BOMs so I can still be caught up with them.

The wagon full of produce--that needs to be taken care of this morning. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we celebrate 3 day holiday weekends with rain. We had mega rain storms this weekend and it beat my garden up pretty good. The roma tomatoes are so heavy that if the rain could hit them, they were knocked to the ground. Cherry tomatoes are spit wide open but I'm going to try to save most of them.

I am going to make another batch of pickles, put the tomatoes on to cook for sauce, zucchini chunks will go in the dehydrator and carrots will be eaten. I have to take some of the goods over to my dad's so I can borrow the pressure cooker. I think it's time I learn to use one. But I'm going to borrow before I buy.

Hubby just called and has landed a nice fish so I need to get busy before he gets home. Fresh fish and tomato salad for dinner. Yumm (I took a picture of this awesome fish and will post it later.)


Judy S. said...

You are going to be one busy lady! Sounds like a yummy dinner to me......

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

That fall quilt is just lovely - the embroidery really sets it off.

Happy harvest!!

Dena said...

Sonya did a wonderful job on those blocks. Once you've finished it, it will make an great quilt for fall.

One of my daughters has been doing a lot of fishing. They've been going to CQ and some other place in Neah Bay, by Neta's place. Last time they caught 24 salmon and was gracious enough to come up last Friday and cooked us a fabulous BBQ'd salmon dinner. How special is that?

Enjoy your dinner!