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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pretty Pickles

I had an overload of lemon cucumbers and had no clue what to do with them. My google search lead me to Jillicious Discoveries blog and a post she wrote about lemon cucumbers. From there I did a search for bread and butter pickles using lemon cucumbers. I found this recipe and decided to give it a try with my lemon cucumblers. After all, isn't that how great recipes are created??? Just try this and this and this . Well my pickles turned out delicious. So I made a second batch and added a red pepper because in one of the photos at the recipe, I saw red. It could be a carrot for all I know but I put in a red pepper. It makes the jars very pretty. They have set on my counter for 3 days, now I must put them away. I think today is a good day to bake a chocolate zucchini cake. Yummm.

Remember the other day when I wrote about starting a fire in my microwave ? Well, I was adjusting the glass tray and it broke in about 20 pieces. Right in front of Hubby! I've been using it a little bit with the big ole burned out spot on the try but now I have to go to the repair place and order parts. Darn!

It's kind of a rainy cool day here today so I am going to bake a couple things and sew. And do some laundry.


Judy S. said...

Those pickles look yummy, Judy. I never heard of lemon cucumbers. Do they have a lemony flavor? Our water is turned off in the whole n'borhood today as they're working on something nearby. It's an odd feeling......

Dena said...

Looks like you've been quite busy. I had the pleasure of having my first lemon cucumber last year when a friend of ours gave us some from his garden. They were great! Hope you're having fun sewing.

Sue said...

YELLOWISHIOUSNESS!!!!! I love, love, love lemon cukes! Try making some yellowisiousness relish out of them! yummmmmmmmo!! Do it and I'll come right down and try some out! LOL

Miss ya,
Sissy Sue

Brenda said...

Well, it was my experiance that paying for a new glass tray for my microwave - I should of just bought a new micorwave!!! I could not believe how much they charged me for the thing!!! So, really, just go get a new one and call it good.

Great jars of pickles!!! Now go and enjoy the cake!!!