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Monday, August 10, 2009

Design Wall-Week 11

Not much happening on the big design wall this week so I thought I would show you my little design wall. While putting together my Diamond String blocks into 4 patches and trying not to get them turned while moving to the sewing machine, I had a brain storm! I know, kinda scary!

I made a little design wall to sit beside me at the machine. I've had this 17" Q-Snap quilting frame for several years and have only used it once for just a little while. It's an excellent product, I'm just not much of a hand quilter and when I do, I don't use a frame or hoop. So I got the frame, a piece poly batting and flannel and made this little wall. I was very surprised how much I used it. I am going to take the frame to the hardware store and see if I can figure out something to make it free standing. If I can't I'll just prop it up like I have been.

These little blocks are for my 3rd wall hanging like this one. And they still have the paper on them and are staying on the flannel. And yes, someday, I will get them sewn together. But right now I have a garden that is taking a bunch of time and grandkids that I love to spend time with. And I've been working on organizing my sewing and quilting stuff so my room is more chaotic than normal. Hopefully this week I will have time to spend in there and get it the way I have planned in my head, my other design wall.

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Brenda said...

That is a great use for something you alreay own and don't really use!! Haveing a small design board beside you when putting together a blk or working on an idea is a wounderful tool to have!!! If I had one of those snap frames, I would do the same thing!!! Great idea!!!
And I am sorry, sewing/quilting anything that keeps a person inside when it's nice out side - has to take a back seat!! Gardens only last so long, grandkids only stay tons of fun so long till they grow up and you have to enjoy both of them when you can!!!! I am glad you have your priorites straight!!!! and have the best rest of the summer you can!!!

Sue said...

Ummmm... Sissy LOVES yellow, and tulips.....mmmmmm

Love you, talk to you soon

Dena said...

Great way to use your quilting frame. I might have to search for mine... actually, I have a larger floor quilting frame that I could probably convert for this purpose. Now, if I can just remember where it is. Sometimes I organize my stuff too well! LOL

Mary Johnson said...

What a great idea for a small design wall. Love the string blocks too!