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Monday, August 31, 2009

Design Wall-Week 14

This has been a very unproductive sewing week. But I'm OK with that. I honestly didn't feel like sewing much. On Wednesday, our sewing group went on a field trip to a Longview kitchen/fabric/quilting/sewing machine/vacuum cleaner shop. First it was out to lunch with a birthday celebration for Harriet. Then on to the shop. After we were done there, we went to Momma Made It. Sharon has moved into a very nice new shop.

I thought maybe I would be inspired to get sewing but no. I have lots of ideas floating around in my head, just nothing has been started yet. I have been doing some embroidery work in the evenings but that is even on hold. I need to trace my next design and haven't done that yet.

The garden is going crazy so every day there is something to take care of. I canned a couple boxes of beautiful peaches and made a couple pies. I'm happy to say the pies turned out excellent.

Since I have no sewing/quilting pictures to share this week, I thought I'd share a couple of pictures Taylor took this weekend. First is of our grand-dog (Taylor's little princess) Shadow. And the hen is the one Amanda named Patricia. Patricia tries to be a bit bossy but Sally, Jessie or Sue keep her in check.

That's it for me today. I am going to go put my chickies to bed and then I am going to be done for the day. Be sure to go over to Judy L's and see what she is up to and check everyone else. This is still fun even with nothing to show on my wall......really there is nothing on it. I finished up the string top.


Brenda said...

Of course you are not sewing!!! You have a garden to put up and pies to make - and I bet people want to eat meals to don't they!! You are busy, sewing can wait - it will be time enough soon where being out side is not where you want to be, then you'll sew!! And eat the stuff you put up now, while the sun shone bright.
All your ideas, they are just forming and working themselves into projects that you will enjoy doing. Enjoy the calm nights with your embroidery, when it wants you to work on it, and enjoy the days of fall that are here, now that Sept is only a few hours away....

Sue said...

You named a cluck cluck after me????? How sweet!!

Love ya
Sister Sue

Mrs Quilty said...

I love your grand-dog! What a sweetie! I have been really tired lately and haven't accomplished too much but did get a civil war block done, my first, so need to take a picture of it and put it on my blog....too tired to do that even, but I will soon!!! And September is here!! WOW! Enjoy!

Granny said...

We can't always sew, you know! You'll get back to it soon . . I hope!