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Friday, August 21, 2009

A Look Out My Kitchen Window

I have the best view out my kitchen window. This morning the orange flowers on the pumpkins sparkled. So I grabbed my camera and took a walk. I'm no fabulous photographer like my daughter Jenny, but I think these pictures turned out well enough to share with you.

First is the lower yard. It used to be cow and horse pasture, now it's chicken pasture. The bush is a climbing rose. When we moved here, it was up the side of the garage. Since this was my grandparents place, I've known that rose forever. The poor rose has had a tough life. Hubby wanted to put the woodshed on the garage so that meant the rose had to go. I salvaged a start and planted it. Then I had to salvage again and again. Now we have this bush and there are roses that have traveled up trees along the neighbor's driveway.

The yard looks horrid. We had an extreme heat wave here and the yard couldn't take it so parts of it shriveled up and died. Notice I didn't call it a lawn.....it's mostly weeds but it looks nice when it is green and mowed.

Next is the garden......well watered and growing like crazy, veggies and weeds! Potatoes are in the garbage cans, corn is set on, 2 or 3 ears per stalk. Tomatoes are amazing, zuchinnis are starting to come on good and lemon cucumbers are plentiful.

The orange pumpkin flower is food for a couple of bees. The vines are taking over another part of the yard. There are a couple nice sized pumpkins and several small ones. I sure hope there will be enough for pies and breads.......no jack o lanterns from these!


Mrs Quilty said...

Well, you had fun walking around the yard!! I love these photos, just plain and simple how it is! That gate and those tall flowers are cool! And the bright yellow flower for the bees! WOW! I bet you'll be ready for fall with that crop! Tomatoes and zuchinnis, WOW! (I can't spell that word). Nice photography job!!

Judy S. said...

Fresh corn and tomatoes! Yum! And I spy one nice lookin' pumpkin. The fruits of your labors, right?

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Great yard and garden - looks like summer fun everywhere.

Dena said...

Our property has so many trees that it is mostly shade. My husband always complains about how fast our grass is growing and how he always has to mow it... I made the mistake of commenting once, "What grass? All I see is moss." He didn't think it was funny. LOL

Besides, I don't know what he's complaining about. I bought him a lawn tractor a few years back as a birthday present, all he has to do is sit down and steer the lawn tractor around the property. It even has a holder for his beer!