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Monday, July 28, 2008

Time Flies...

...when you're having fun! I'm not sure why the week went so darn fast but it did. I was busy every day and got a lot accomplished.

I have a fabulous new quilt on my bed. My friend, Vicki, gave her nephew and his new wife their quilt and they love it. Sister Sue and her friend came over yesterday to pick up her quilt and she loves it. I'm working to finish a top so it doesn't become a UFO and I'm loving it!

Thursday I picked up Taylor and we went to Crystal's house for a while then went out to lunch at a yummy Mexican resturant (I can't wait to go back there!) and then we made a trip the the Walmart for a bedazzler. Taylor wanted a rhinestone studded hat while in Sisters but we decided to make one. We found a Gemsetter and hats and visors. Better keep ahold of your possessions because we might glitz em up for you!

Saturday we took Ashton and Taylor with us to the Great Oregon Steam Up. I hope they had a good time. Lots of tractors and dozers to look at. This year the flea market vendors didn't hold my interest. I think after a few years of seeing the same stuff for sale you start to wonder. That's a lot of work packing that stuff in and setting up. Then you have to sit there and play nice while people try to beat your prices down. I wonder if they sleep there with their stuff. Are they worried about someone coming in with the cloud of darkness and walking away with the treasures........my mind does wander in all directions.

Then on Sunday, we got up bright (for some people, not for me!) and early to head up to bring home the motor home. "Judy Time" is now over. (Judy Time was from 3:15 am on Monday until about 7 pm Friday when Hubby leaves for the week and comes home for the weekend.) Now time is back to normal. Hubby gets up, goes to work, comes home, needs dinner (not grilled cheese or Cheerios!) and watches his TV, falls asleep in his chair....you all know what I'm talking about! Things are back to normal. I love normal.

My plan for the week is to keep plugging along. I worked on my Orange Crush quilt top. The top is almost put together, 2 more seams. Then the border and the pieced border goes on. I've had that thing up on my design wall for a month and I finally decided to get to it. I now like it and am anxious to get it finished. I don't want any new UFOs this year! Then I'll work on a couple of my swap obligations.

Have a great week. I'm going to!
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