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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The trip to Sisters was a huge inspiration for me. I am in the finish quilt mode now. I have Vicki's quilt almost quilted and then I will put on the binding to stitch down at Wednesday at Marian's. Then I am going to fill bobbins for my bargello and get it loaded and done.

It feels good to be energetic about things. That was a pretty long damp spell. Can't call it a dry spell because I did work on a few things. I just didn't see much progress.

How fabulous is this little block! I wish I knew for sure if it was made by sewing teeny tiny strips or if it was paper peiced or if it is piping. I think maybe it's piping but I don't know for sure. If you do, would you please satisfy my curiousity?

Gotta go, I have a project to finish tonight. WooHoo!
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Sue said...

I realize you aren't supposed to touch these, but did it look like fabric? Because from the photo, it looks like rolled up magazine or newspaper! LOL Maybe they made piping? Strange!

antique quilter said...

I think it is piping that she just sewed together to give the block texture and stand out as it does.

dot said...

Looks like piping to me. I is raised above the quilt, I agree with sue the kb, almost looks like paper. Interesting though.

Quilting Dispatcher said...

I love your blog and your quilts are Amazing!

Anonymous said...

I saw that quilt at the show and the tag said something about those small squares being paper coasters from another country, I think Africa. I hope you went inside the building and saw all of that artist's work. It was amazing. I think the quilt you have pictured is the only one she used the paper parts.