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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Summer 2008 Exercise Plan

The latest exercise craze around here is the ginormous garden that needs to be weeded every other day. This morning I got up early because the dogs needed to go outside. So I decided to go outside also. I spent an hour putzing around the garden. Weeding from one end to the other, picking up rocks and admiring. I have tiny tomatillos (how do you spell that word?) set on my plant and lots of tomato flowers on the 9 bushes we planted. I have been stocking up on freezer bags when they are on sale in anticipation of the harvest.

We haven't had a garden in years so after taking off some of the sod, rototilling and weeding, we had to enhance the soil with lots of good, organic compost. No chemicals were used so there are lots of weeds coming up. But it is good exercise and Lord knows I need it.

I pulled the wagon around and picked up stuff and pulled a few weeds from the flowerbeds. Now I will wait for another half hour while the sprinkler is on and then I can take a shower. Since I have to wait, I may as well go dance with the vacuum. Then I can sew the rest of the day if I want to. You know I do.

There is always a method to my madness.
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Sue said...

Hey Sister!
I meant to tell you the other day when I was down that your garden looks great! Want to come and weed mine? It's much smaller than yours and wouldn't take you long :)

Love you,