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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Goals For The Week

I did pretty good on my goals for last week. I did the everyday stuff almost every day and hung out laundry on the nice days. I spent alot of time in the garden and it shows! It looks awesome out there. I kind of blew off cleaning in the sewing room. I know shame on me but I did do about a half hour this morning.

I also got the back for the bargello sewn! Yee Haw!!! It's 10 1/2" squares ala Bonnie Hunter style. I love the scrappy back. I know one of my daughters (maybe 2) cringes as do a few of my friends but each to his own. I love it, it's fun and funky and uses a bunch of stash. Things I don't know what I would do with. There are even some peices in there that have dye runs in them. Nothing wrong with the fabric, just colored outside the lines. :-) And Crystal, there are a few places where the same fabrics are side by side!!! Just for you.

I decided not to go to quilt party so I didn't make my block. It will get made and put it in the orphan box for a different project.

OK, now it's time for this week.
1-You know the everyday stuff! and Marian's on Wednesday and continue the sewing room project.
2-Saturday is Sisters OR outdoor quilt show and I'm going. WooHoo
3-Quilt my friend Vicki's quilt. Her nephew is getting married on Saturday. Nothing like a little pressure for the both of us. Good thing it will be a quick and easy meander.
4-Continue to work on my UFO from last post. The rows are finished, they need to be sewn together and then binding put on. I will never do another quilt as you go when I have a long arm sitting right here. But I had to try it to make sure.
5-Quilt Sister Sue's quilt if she gets it up here.

That should be enough to keep me out of trouble. If it isn't, I have a few swap postcards to work on.
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Sara said...

You do some great work! I love the UFO in the previous post! I think it can be a UFO as many times as it wants (Or till you get sick of looking at it unfinished!) Also, love your garden, I love to be outside in mine!