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Thursday, August 30, 2007


How do you like my handsome prince with his magic wand? (I'm sorry Mike, this is just too cute not to share.) He goes around the house blessing things. That's the only thing I can think he is doing cuz he isn't getting the cobwebs that are on the ceiling! And he isn't making everything nice and shiny clean and there are no piles of money or folded laundry anywhere to be found!

We made it home from Arizona. It was a challenging trip. I had issues with "people". We are walking through the Las Vegas airport. Crystal is pushing Elliot in the stroller, I am packing his car seat, we are walking side by side. We are on our way to the other side of the world for our connecting Southwest flight--that's another rant for another time maybe. I am not a small woman, I am packing a car seat. "People" can't see me! I am dodging "people" and finally decided I am not going to do that any more. I don't know how many "people" rammed into the car seat. Not one of them said excuse me or I'm sorry or I'm an idiot and I'm not paying attention to what's going on around me. It was kind of fun when they almost fell over and it made us laugh! Oh how I love "people".

This is my friend's BOB quilt. We named it BOB so we could remember which order the borders were to be put on. Black, Orange, Black. Well, I can only quilt up to 104 inches wided and BOB is 102"! BOB is a BIG boy! so he didn't get borders so he get black binding instead. He got the last of the quilting on him yesterday afternoon and BOB is now super dooper beautiful. Today he will get his binding.

I have been getting a little bit done. But mostly I have been visiting with my daughter, loving on my grandson and going on a little shopping trip or two. Yesterday we picked up Miss Taylor so Elliot would have someone new to chase around and this is her last long visit before school starts next week. My grandkids are growing too fast! We made a dash into Joann's and then out to lunch.

I'm out of here, I'm going to cut some binding and maybe get it stitched together and pressed before the household wakes up.

It's going to be super quiet here next week. Maybe I'll get a car seat and go to the airport!
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