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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Fun With Farbic

I am having so much fun being able to go to Quilt Party with Sonya on the first Thursday of the month. After Thursday's presentation on thread and needles, I left there totally inspired to play with my machine and my threads. But that will have to wait for a few days. I have more important work to do. The Miss needs new clothes for school and Gramma's in the mood to make some.

I left picked up Taylor and we headed for Joann's to get fabric for some school clothes. How much fun it is to shop with someone who loves everything. She loves fabric, "string" and zippers.

This is her cute dress made with a flower print batik and a crinkly hand dyed (well it looks hand dyed). She loves it. We have fabric for another dress and a shirt.

Then we spotted the denim on sale for 50% off. How could we go wrong there. We got some awesome shiny denim and then found some with pink stars embroidered all over them for short pants. Then we picked up a couple pieces for jeans. She is such a skinny minnie that it's hard to find jeans that fit her in the hips and waist and are long enough for her legs.

We had fun taking pictures. We tried to take some like Aunt Jen would but Gramma needs a better camera and lots more practice. Our outside pictures were the work of a soon to be super model.

Then I got started on my huge overflowing scrap basket. You know the one that you "are going to get to as soon as you have a few minutes". Then you cram more and more into it. I have run out of cram room! I needed a plan so I went to my 2 favorite people for inspiration and boy howdy did I find it. I can't do a complete redo like Patty did but I can get my stuff organized.

I read Patty's blog and Bonnie's Scrap Users System and couldn't wait to get started. I have a garbage can of itty bitty pieces, a big bin full of strings and my rubbermaid containers are all nice and neat on their shelf full of their fresh cut pieces. Oh, I still have a half a basket to cut up but it isn't cram packed like it was and I should be done with it Sunday or Monday. Heck maybe even tonight. Who knows!
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JENNY @ jennybandco.blogspot.com said...

hi Mom--- tell Taylor she looks quite ka-ute in her new dress. Have fun sewing for her. Make sure you click over to my blog and see our new baby =)
She's a cutie pie--- both Tay and our new baby!
xoxo JB