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Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I've spent this morning playing on the computer instead of getting my other stuff done. I've been noticing all of the "signatures" on the blogs and of course, I want one too.

So I have my very own, not so original, signature that was created at My Live Signature . It's free and it's fun. What could be better than that??

I spent yesterday in front of my sewing machine working on some blocks for a swap. I love the look of black background but it sure is hard on my eyes. I have my little lamp set up by my machine and the extra light bounced off the white bed and drove me crazy. So I got out my featherweight which is black and couldn't buy a good quarter inch seam! I spent a good share of time ripping out what I had done and that puts me in a mood!

So I got myself some lunch, watched some mindless TV, went for a walk to the dumpster and the mailbox (2 more free samples!!!), chatted on the phone with Taylor and then went back to the Viking in a better mood. (I'm going to work with the featherweight today and get that 1/4" seam allowance marked!) I have all my blocks done until I get some more of the dreaded black fabric. I made a couple cutting errors (stupid lines on the ruler moved on me!) so I am about 5" lacking to complete my project.

Now I am off her to have myself a good day. You do the same!

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