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Friday, August 17, 2007

Greetings (for the final time) From Arizona

I am happy to report that I made it to Marana. I am also happy to report that Crystal and Elliot will be coming home with me on Monday and Ernie will come down on the 31st to help move their stuff north.

Oh Baby, It's HOT, HOT, HOT! Yip, this is the desert. Right now, at 9:45 pm, it's 91 degrees outside. No Thank You Very Much! I like our cool nights.

It rained for a few minutes yesterday, put on a powerful thunder and lightening display. When it was finished, everything dried out and it got hot again. Sorry folks, this isn't like the Pacific Northwest and you can have your hot summers. I will miss the nice winter though. I guess if we wanted to, we could winter down here but I kind of doubt that we will.

Today Crystal, Elliot and I went to the nicest quilt shop. It's called Cactus Quilt Shop. We walked in and holy wow! Quilts everywhere, dolls everywhere, wall hangings, mini quilts. Fabric!!! Crystal wishes she had discovered this treasure a lot sooner. So do I! I left some money there today to make up for the times I didn't. Now I have a few more projects to add to the list. (The list is getting long!)

We came home, ate some lunch and then packed up a few boxes of treasured possessions. It really reinforced my plan never to move.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of watching Crystal pack up her fabric stash. I had my eyes wide open just in case she found a piece she didn't need or want. Brat Child, didn't want to part with anything! Guess I'll have to help her set up her new sewing space to see if she still loves everything.

I spent a little time this evening working on my redwork embroidery project. I haven't done any embroidery for a long time. I forgot how much I enjoy it. This is my first redwork project. And I am loving it.

Hopefully my little update will keep people (Mike) off my back. I am going to go read for a while, then sleep for a while. I think we have big plans for tomorrow.

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