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Thursday, August 08, 2019

Family Fun at the Beach

 Crystal, Mike and kiddos came to the beach for a little vacation before school starts.
So much fun!

 Clella loves to cuddle with my little Jessie,
he avoids her if he can. 😉
But if I put him on her lap and she covers him with a quilt,
he'll lay there as long as she does.
Granddog Sadie refuses to be left out!

Tony dog found his spot too.

Clella learned embroidery and is now working on a stitch sampler.
I didn't mind at all when she asked if she could have some of my threads.
I did make her up a supply bag and boy oh boy,
she picked up the stitches so fast!

Big funny with these two.
It's all about the matching hats.

Kiddos take turns helping with the meals.
Corbin loves to help with breakfast.
He was so proud of how awesome his table looked. 
He id a great job.

Every morning is hot cocoa.
Most every evening is S'mores.
Sometimes if you are going home early,
 S'mores are for 2nd breakfast. 

When Gramma begs and whines,
Elliot caves and gives her the foot massage.
This man child melts my heart!

I love my just sitting back and watching everyone to their thing!
Lots of card games and Yahtzee.

The traditional family camping photo.
I think I need to print and frame this.

I cry when they leave but 
after a few minutes, 
I'm ok but
It sure is quiet!!!

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Mary said...

My kids tease me about crying when they leave I wave goodbye with both hands and choke those tears back. Yes, the place is quiet after they leave. Nice tome you had at the Beach. I wanna go!