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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

I Like Thursday #46

Last Thursday I picked up the kiddos and brought them over to earn some $$

On the way over, I explained what a side hustle was.
School is their main hustle and earning money is a side hustle.

We believe in teaching the kids about hard work and the rewards of that work.

We also believe that some jobs are because we are family
and that's what family does. 

Wood is their summer side hustle.
Gramma and Poppy couldn't be prouder of how hard theses kiddos worked.
Lunch, fresh made chocolate chip cookies and ice cream made the day a bit more special!

I don't like to mend but I do it.
And when I do I remember time spent with my Mother in Law as she taught me
"the proper way to mend".
She told me as a young couple, we didn't need to spend our hard earned money on new clothes
for her son to go to work in and rip up.
So for our 46+ years of marriage, I've mended work clothes. 
I like remembering that day.
I miss her a lot.

Friday we went to the beach for a few days.
I was ready for some sewing time.
I grabbed Betty Brother and a bag of batik scraps.

Channeling Victoria Findlay Wolfe, I started making fabric
and cutting with my Drunkard's Patch.
I have lots of parts and pieces ready to make blocks.

Tony Stewart did really good riding in the new car.

On the way home we stopped for gas and Daisy decided it was her turn to drive.

Little Jessie's bed fits perfectly and Daisy gets to have her head on the arm rest. 
Dogs are so funny!

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scraphappy said...

Isn't it funny the lessons we learn from those we love? I'm sure your boys are going to remember your wisdom someday as well. Looks like you will be all set for wood this winter!

Mary said...

My Mother by Love taught me a lot while she was alive. Mending needs to be done before starting a New Project, lol. I did it again. But I knew it was coming, trying to use some stash along with the kits I've collected. Good way to teach the Grands. It's just part of loving each other to work together!

Suzanne said...

Wonderful memory of your Mother in Law teaching you...I use to mend all the time, when my kids were younger. Teach them young!