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Thursday, June 20, 2019

I Like Thursday #45

I took a bit of a blogging break.
I really missed my Thursday posts.
So here I am again. 😃

I like using my clothesline.
When I asked hubs if he would tighten it up,
we figured out these posts have been here over 43 years!
She really needs a new coat of paint.

I'll be saying goodbye to my beloved Honda soon.
She's served me well for over 17 years, 
only leaving me stranded once.

I hope this one serves me as well.

I love baking bread.
This is my favorite recipe.
I added some Herb de Provence to the dough.
Oooohhh yummy! 

I love my container garden.
The big ole Steller Jay loved my lettuce seeds.

I love how happy Elliot is that he is taller than Aunt DeeDee.
I also love how big their smiles and hugs are when they are surprised to see her.

The library is a magical place! 
I'm stepping out of my quilting comfort zone with some of these techniques.
I'm pretty excited about that.

Tomatoes on the vine.
I can smell their deliciousness! 

Have a wonderful week.
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Suzanne said...

Welcome back...I have been hit and miss the last few months We are doing container garden too.

Mary said...

yea! A favorite blog to read on Thursdays. You will have fun with your new car. I love my new to me Honda Fit. I wasn't planning to get a new car when that deer came and pooped on my window.