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Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Month 1 Deck Garden Update

Isn't this pretty?
A present from my honey!
The butterfly is a present to myself.

Green tub is full of water-only a little dirt on the Blue Moon Pumpkins.
Orange bucket is spaghetti squash planted today.
Green bucket is a yellow pear cherry tomato 
Estimated to grow 6 to 12 feet!

Bucket on the right has nothing in it yet.
On the left is Debut Hybrid tomato.
It's supposed to get to about 3 feet tall, I'm hoping for taller.

In the orange bucket are acorn squash-my absolute favorite squash.
Middle bin is cauliflower with itty bitty caulis starting to show.
On the right is broccoli. 
I'll pick up more broccoli and cauliflower next time I'm shopping.

The bucket under the satellite dish is hailstone radishes
Right side is zucchini and yellow crocked neck squash.
On the left are 3 kinds of cucumbers. 
In the back are lemon, middle is little potato and the front is Poona Kheena.
The Little Potato and Poona Kheena are rare seeds and I'm anxious to try them. 
Once they start and grow a bit, I'll add a trellis. May even move the bin to the floor.

This is a tub of  Jade bush beans.
I'm hoping to harvest enough to can about 100 pints of beans.

In the gray bin are 2 Roma tomatoes.
And in the bucket is another Debut.

Tomato plant #6 is Super Sweet 100 Cherry.
We are most excited by this one.
We keep talking about having tomatoes and bacon for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Both cherry tomato plants are estimated to get 8-12 feet tall.
We are not replacing our deck canopy this year so the corners become tomato cages.

The lady at Walmart told us about this fertilizer that she uses on her plants.
Too bad we can't buy it there but the local Ace had it.
I need another bottle. 
The wicking tubs need fertilizer added whenever water is added. 
I learned about wicking tubs from Gardening with Leon.

I can't wait to do another update!

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Melissa said...

We don't have a really good sun spot for veggies, except one area in the front yard. Since I really don't want to dig up the grass, containers is what we've done in the past too. I have avoided it for a couple of years, but I was just gifted with two tomato plants on Wednesday so now I have to get them prepped. I'm not sure which container Iwill use yet. I have a water reservoir one, but then Kevin also created wicking ones like you've got too. I am looking forward to seeing your tomato jungle grow! :)