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Monday, April 15, 2019

Design Wall Monday

Look, I've been sewing!
Saturday I was cleaning my sewing room and it was time to take a break.
I have a giant bag of scraps that were gifted to me by my friend BJ.
I decided to use my break time by sorting and cutting some of these scraps.
I was also getting things together for retreat next month..

Right there, staring me in the face, was my box with Virginia Bound by Bonnie Hunter.
It's one of my favorites from her Scraps and Shirttails book.
I started it at the fall retreat with plans to work on it again in the spring
I pulled it out to put on the retreat pile.

Maybe I'll just sew neutrals to a few blocks.
There were 2 that the centers were already trimmed, ready for neutrals.
That's when the squirrel came out. 

Oh heck, may as well get the centers to the others trimmed up and ready to work on at retreat.

I'm not sure how many a few are but this is only 2 of a pretty good pile
that I already had the centers done.
They are now all completed, trimmed and depapered. 

Sunday Morning comes around and the Mojo is strong!
Ernie already had plans for the day so I decided to sew more blocks.
And more and more and more.
Just like Lay's potato chips,
you can't eat just one!

I started this audiobook Saturday afternoon.
I'm pretty far into it and it is so good.
I'd never read anything from Kristin Hannah.
I'm really happy with whoever shared this book. 

I headed right over to my library and placed holds on all of her audiobooks.
Her books are several weeks out but I'm sure they will be worth the wait.
I added several ebooks to my wish list for when I'm finished with the series I'm reading.
The ability to down load books to my Kindle and
other devices is priceless to me. 

See what others are sharing at

Have a wonderful week. 


Nann said...

Last week was National Library Week so your closing comment is most timely. Isn't it great to discover a new-to-you author? Especially one who's written a lot of books to catch up on. And discovering a quilt block that works for the fabric you want to use up is equally great!

Ramona said...

I've read the Nightingale by Kristin Hannah and loved it. Have your tissues handy, though! I just looked at the Great Alone and will add that to my list, too. Your string squirrels are wonderful!

Mary said...

FuN times to find a Project partly done to play with. No Retreats for me, just Grandma's Quilt Camp this Summer.

Melissa said...

Strings! I love string quilts, but for some reason I have a hard sticking with them. I love your strings. Any Gordons in your newest ones? :)

Julie said...

I have read a couple Kristen Hannah books. They are good! I give away all my strings, cut into 1" strips to my boss for locker hooked rugs. It works out for me!

PaintedThread said...

Such pretty string blocks! I love those.

Churn Dash said...

I love the look of your blocks. Isn't it wonderful to have friends with scraps they don't want!