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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Stocking The Winter Pantry

It's hunting season for the hubby.
Opening day, Saturday, he got his buck.
 That means Monday was processing day.
 Backstrap, a few steaks and venison burger.

My Facebook friend Pat had posted a picture the other day with how she freezes her burger.
So I copied her and wow, what a game changer!
Put a gob of burger in your vacuum sealer bag,
seal it, then take a rolling pin and flatten the burger.
A light bulb moment for me!

I canned 3 pints of burger to try
plus 5 half pints of chunks and 6 1/2 pints of bone broth made with the rib bones.

Yesterday I picked up my Zaycon order of 40# of chicken.
First up was 30 1/2 pints of canned chicken chunks.
By the time that was finished, so was I.

This morning I pulled the remaining chicken out of the fridge and got busy.
These are big breasts so 3 half breast were frozen whole for baking.
Then 4 more chunked into large pieces for whatever.
7 packages each of chunks and strips that I did the same as the venison burger.
Flat packages stack so nice! 
I also cooked a nice pan full to shred to put a few bags in the freezer.
I do have some noodles cooked in the fridge so it will be chicken & noodle bake for dinner tonight.

My pantry cupboards are a mess so I did some rearranging on the jar side.
You can see my stash of beans that I did last month.
Below that is my honey and the clam chowder soup base and jars of smoked clams. 
Recipes for the soup base and smoked clams are in the Ball Blue Book.
Below that is my little bit of jams and jellies.

Next up I want to can some garbanzo beans.
I'm hoping for an elk next month.
In the meantime, there is a turkey and 3 whole chickens that need out of my freezer.
I have a few pork roasts that are a bit on the tough side.
I'll pull those out and pressure cook them.
Then I'll freeze the meat up for soups.
The chicken and turkey will be vacuumed sealed for future meals.

I'm doing my own Freezer Challenge this week. 
It's time to clean the kitchen freezer again.
I know there is an abundance of bananas and reruns (leftovers) to use up.
Banana bread will be baked today.
That should earn me a few more Good Wife points. 

I've discovered a couple of really good you tubers that have me excited to get my pantry in order. 
It all started with a simple little video I found about what I canned that I love and didn't love.

Check them out.
Lisa at Sutton Daze
I just started watching her Pantry Preparedness from August 2016.
Amanda at Moore2Life
Plus several more. 
Oh the plans I have on my list!


Chris said...

Sounds like you have been busy. I recall those days. Large garden, canning and freezing. I was canning queen twice at our local fall fair but these days my hands do not let me do quite what I used to.
There is a wild turkey hen living in my back yard. a noisy thing and her babies. Bet they would taste good.

AnnieO said...

Whew, that's a lot of work! My sister made the best banana bread from Cook's Illustrated , their Ultimate Banana Bread.