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Monday, October 30, 2017

Design Wall Monday

It's been over a year since I worked on my tumbler top. This month Judy L at Patchwork Times chose #6 for the 2017 UFO Challenge and guess what was my #6, that's right the Quiltville leader/ender project for 2013-14. I pulled out the bin and promptly ignored it! Again!!  I haven't been too good about keeping up with this challenge. I need to go back and see where I am and make these a priority because UFO Busting is my challenge for this year!

I just went back and looked at the numbers list and will pull out the August and September projects to have ready to assemble next.

When I got to a stopping/I need batting point in my top secret birthday project, I wasn't ready to stop sewing. So I opened the tumbler bin and took inventory. Meaning I layed the top out on my bed to see where I was. I had a bunch of parts and pieces of rows and a bunch of rows sewed together. I wasn't as far along as I thought I was.  I sewed a few more rows and added them to the top, layed it out again and see I still need at least 3 more rows of neutral/color and 2 border rows of just color.

This means I need to cut more tumblers! So today I will count so I don't go super crazy with the Go cutter.  Will it be done by the end of the month? No, but it is now the main project at my machine...after the quilting of the secret project because I bought batting and the quilt is basted, bobbins wound, machine cleaned, thread is threaded and I'm ready to quilt. 😉 Binding is made and pressed ready to sew on. I'm hoping I can get this finished by Wednesday. Wish me luck.

I have another retreat this week. I have more secret projects to work on there-I need to prioritize my list! (Hubby fixed my machine rolling cart.....the wheel lost it's lock washer thingie so he went to the hardware store and bought more....$4 for a baggie of thingies vs $80 for a new cart.  He's a good guy!) My machine is cleaned and oiled with a new needle ready to go to work! I'm excited to just sew and sew and sew!

Have a good week everyone......I'll be back soon. Or Monday, whichever comes first.

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Mary said...

Nice to have the RR Retreat so close. You are a lucky gal! Enjoy the sew time. I haven't been too good on the UFO challenge or the OMG this year. Life definitely has gotten in my way. 2 days to play this week. Maybe I can get at least one further down the progress road to a Flimsy. No appointments or meetings, yea!!!

swooze said...

Tumblers is the only LE I did of hers. I was amazed how quickly it went together. Still haven’t quilted mine.

Julie said...

How fun you get to go on another retreat! I have one starting Nov. 9th. Some of them get to go for a week, but alas, this job thing! :) I finally got to the stage where I got my tumblers top together, still not quilted, but that's another story!

Ramona said...

I used tumblers as a leader/ender project, too, but not with Bonnie. They do go together quickly! And the Go! cutter sure makes quick work of cutting them, doesn't it?!