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Monday, March 27, 2017

Quiltathon Day 4

Is your husband retired?
Mine is.
Some days it's hard to get anything done.
Like today.
It took all day but I got my quilt basted.
Not one stitch was sewn.
Not looking good for tomorrow either. 

I'm trying to use up the stuff that is taking over my sewing room.
Like batting scraps that my friend gives me.
I've use lots of them in donation quilts but not the wool batting.
I've saved that for myself.
I use the iron on tape to join the pieces.
Some times I amaze myself with how close I come with measurements.
I swear I had at least 5 extra inches but as you see, I didn't.
Close is good enough today.

Thanks Judy L for another quiltathon.
I'm hoping to get a bit more accomplished during April.


AnnieO said...

Retirement for my husband is still about 6 years away--and even longer away for me as he is 8 years older! I've never been great at having extra batting when I baste! Congrats on getting to that point with your pretty quilt.

Mary said...

So happy my Hubby doesn't want to retire anytime soon. I am enjoying my own retirement LOL. Sewing when I can - anytime I feel like it. Is the Quiltathon going on all week? I'm missing out. That was a close call on the batting.