Saturday, April 01, 2017

March UFO Progress & April UFO Plan

Well the March UFO Plan didn't exactly go as planned.
I didn't have enough leftover sashing fabric for piano keys.
I did have enough to make a fun pieced scrappy border though.
Some time early in the month, 
my quilting mojo went missing.
Pardon my folding creases as this had been folded (with seams to the inside)
and put back in her storage bin.
My mojo is back now so maybe the quilting will happen in April.
Or maybe not. 😉
Some UFO project is better than no progress. 
That's my story.

Judy L chose #1 for April.
My Millefiore!
I love this quilt so much.
I have great plans for her.
First is the border. 
This picture does not show the gray fill in pieces for the edges.
They are on there, I swear.
I can't believe I didn't take a picture of that!!

Here's my plan.
Press one edge at a time.
Remove those papers.
Applique it to the inner border of the same color.
After all four sides are finished,
attach the outer border.

The quilting plan and thread have been mapped out for months. 
That's going to be a big project
so prep work for quilting is all I plan to do this month.
I have to get other things ready for retreat in May.

See how others have done with their UFO projects at


Kare Ybarra said...

You are right, some UFO progress is better than none! Hope April is better for you!

AnnieO said...

Progress is progress, absolutely! Your April UFO is very pretty.

Julie said...

I love your Millefiore and can't wait to see your progress. I think I am getting my mojo back, we shall see!