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Monday, March 27, 2017

Design Wall Monday

It's time to make some decisions on the On The Road Project.
Like exactly how big I'm going to make it. 
What am I going to do for the sides and the corners.
How many more blue pieced hexie do I need.
How many yellows.
I love how it's looking! 
Sometimes this is all I want to work on.

I went on a hunt for a complete picture of this quilt and didn't find any.
I did find a few of this in progress and labeled them.
And I found pictures of the mini sister quilt called Trees Left Standing and labeled those also.
That will be quilted next.
If you don't own this book, you should order your own autographed copy.  😉
Leaders and Enders has changed my quilting life!

Anyhow, the basting will begin today!
I'm pretty excited that I have the binding ready, 
the thread is picked out,
I even know the quilt design I'm going to try.

Quiltathon Day 4 begins now!
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Ramona said...

Your hexie project is gorgeous! The blues and oranges just pop! I made the Tree quilt using Bonnie's pattern and loved making it. Mine was a smaller, wall hanging size. Love yours, too.

Sarah said...

Your OTR is looking good!! I've got quite a few blocks made but I've just decided on my white backgrounds (I'm not doing the pieced hexies that Mickey is) so nothing is put together yet. I'm hoping to take the already made blocka and a pile of kitted blocks camping this summer and get them together as much as possible.

Mary said...

Quiltathon contunues without me. Nice to see your OTR and trees. Any guesses how many Bonnie Show n Share quilts will we have at RR?

Nann said...

I like "Trees Left Standing" for the left over blocks! I made the larger quilt several years ago and enjoyed the process from start to finish. A big-name quilter wrote about "bonus" sewing in a blog post last week -- she was referring to leaders-and-enders, but avoided Bonnie's term (and avoided using Bonnie's name). Your EPP project is turning out beautifully.

Yvonne said...

I'm a huge Bonnie Hunter fan too. Her quilts are just incredible. Yours is awesome!

I love your hexie project!