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Monday, March 20, 2017

Design Wall Monday

Not much happening around here that involves a design wall.
I have been playing with my new coverstitch machine.
You may have read about Judy L's and my antics over the past few days.
It started on Facebook and then went to her blog.

I haven't had this much fun on the computer in a long time.
Facebook posts, blog posts, emails,
the fun went on for days and I think will continue for several more days
as we share our passion for our new machines.

Here are my first test stitches. 
I hadn't even changed out the nails they call needles.
I was too excited.
I have yet to use it on any garments but hopefully that will change today. 

While waiting for my machine to arrive, 
I made some progress on my March UFO.
The final borders are on and the binding is ready to be made.
I need to piece some batting scraps together and get this basted.

That will not happen today.
I need to focus on my project for the March Quiltathon that is happening this weekend.
And that will only happen for me if Washington State does not open clamming at our beach.
If it does, we are out of here. 😀

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Dar said...

You and Judy are too much. She has her machine smoking from all the things she's made for her family and her. What fun. Well, hopefully you will do the same (after clamming of course)!

Have a great week of playing with your projects.

Mary said...

Lovin' your new toy. They're different from a Serger. Interesting!! Hope your fun time isn't conflicted by a Beach trip.

Nann said...

I had to look up the difference between a serger and a cover stitch machine. Now I know. Hope you enjoy using yours and sewing up a storm!

Ramona said...

I didn't know you were the "Other Judy" in Judy L's stories. It has been funny to read her posts. I had never heard of a cover stitch machine before and was interested to learn how it is different from a serger. Have fun creating with it!

Melissa said...

hahahahaha! I could have written a majority of JudyL's posts over the past few weeks! The common denominator is you however, my dear :) You made the clothing sewing bug re-emerge for me and then I went out and bought a serger (after a knitpop order of course!) :)) I still don't know all the stitches on that, but I am enjoying the clothing sewing right now.