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Friday, March 24, 2017

March Quiltathon-Day 1

Oh I had grand plans to quilt!
But I needed to clean a bit in the sewing room.

I needed to piece more hexies for my On The Road Project.
Here are 11 different groups of 4 units for the top and bottom row of my quilt.
I have 6 sets trimmed and pinned to the papers ready to baste.
I need to find a good basting movie. 

My plans for tomorrow are kind of up in the air.
I'd love to piece some batting together and pin baste my Crabapple UFO.

That was my plan for the quiltathons this year,
reduce the amount of tops on Mt. ToBeQuilted.
Slow and steady!

I took a little walk this afternoon.
Our East-side neighbors have lots of ducks.
They have decided they like the West-side neighbor's and our driveways.
They hang out here and there all day long and then waddle themselves back home.
I sure hope they don't get run over.
They are pretty fun to watch.
No, I do not want ducks.

1 comment:

Mary said...

I didn't get to sew today. I was at a Quilt Show. Tomorrow is not a possibility either, since I am staying in Tri-Cities. I like your pieced hexies.