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Monday, August 01, 2016

Design Wall Monday

It feels sew good to have the sewing mojo back again!
I've had this Harriet bag cut out for weeks.
I splurged and bought myself a steam press
 and was happy to have something already cut out and ready to use it with.
It made ironing the interfacing a breeze.
Once that was done, 
it was all about the sewing!
I absolutely love Swoon patterns and have bought almost every one of them.
I still need to put the rivets (an optional feature) on the handles.
I can't wait to use her!
I have a Brooklyn handbag almost all cut out.
Welcome home Mojo!

I finished up 5 more Splendid Sampler blocks.
I kept wondering how I could have gotten so far behind.
I only have to finish an embroidery block and do the current block, #49 to be current again.

Here is the final block for Millifiore.
I was so excited to be this close to finishing that I sewed the top 2 hexies on wrong.
It won't take long to take them off and sew them right.
One to finish sewing and 2 to fix, sew this to the mothership and then on to the side pieces.
I don't think those will take too long.
Being this close to finished, I will work on it every night until she's a completed top.
In my head I hear Lady threat your needles 
in Drivers start your engines tones. 
I'm such a goof!

This morning I'm going to take a little stroll through Blogland.
I'll start at Judy L's Design Wall Monday post and go from there.
Have a great week.


Charlene S said...

Glad your mojo made it home! Mine visits for an hour or so and then disappears for days. I'm thinking about getting a bird cage for her! LOL

Quilter Kathy said...

Oh Judy every time I see your Splendid Sampler blocks I think I should have done them in your colours... I adore that embroidery block! I think I might HAVE to make it!

Mary said...

I'm still just watching the Splendid Sampler. Glad the MOJO is back for Bags and Hexies. Here's to a great start of August in Blogland!

Melissa said...

ohmygoodness! You are almost finished with the millifore top!! Yah! Good job on keeping up with the splendid sampler, I stopped at the pincushion for the moment. I don't want anymore applique :)

Ramona said...

Wow! What a gorgeous bag, Judy. I'd be excited about using it, too. Glad your mojo is back! Looking forward to seeing what comes out of your sewing corner now. :)

Julie said...

Nice job Judy! I can't wait to start my Modern City Sampler in those same colors as your Splendid blocks. Love the bag and great going on Millefore!

Annie said...

Everything you're working on is fabulous! That bag is really something. Great job on it. I'm still loving the lime & white & black colorway too. Glad to hear that your mojo is back in business too.