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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Hello September!

I love September. I love the fall. I love to sew. Perfect!  It's National Sewing Month. I have a goal to sew every day and it doesn't happen every day. In September I really focus on that goal. I have a plan for some charity sewing. I have plans for Judy sewing. 

I started out the month by finishing up these 6 Pineapple Crazy blocks. They still need to be depapered and that will happen later tonight while watching tv.  My friend Marian finished her Pineapple Crazy and that has spurred me to really get cracking on mine. It's been in the works for long enough now. I want it to be a quilt but first I need to finish the last row for Tumalo Trail and get it attached to the body of the quilt. This quilt has a deadline. 

These 6 blocks each have the center booboos. And the center bottom block has a couple placement booboos. I don't care. I think it just shows my personality. My life has booboos, my quilts have booboos too. Whoopsie! I'm  not perfect. *wink, wink!! 

I hope you are celebrating National Sewing Month by doing something special.


Mary said...

Pineapple Boo Boos, huh? Cute name for a quilt. Heading to the Fair soon. Gotta kit up some star blocks and maybe my Siggy Squares again. Yea for Tumalo Trail becoming a Flimsy. Yesterday I made a 4-patch. That's all.

Mary said...

I admire anyone who can make this quilt. It's very labor intensive!