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Monday, August 31, 2015

Design Wall Monday

I've been in a Swoon bag making frenzy this month.
This is Swoon Vivian.
She belongs to granddaughter Taylor.
She gave my Designer 1 sewing machine a serious headache.
So out came the old 60s Kenny the Kenmore.
He is a beast and sewed through those thick layers like they were nothing.
Kenny lives in the living room with a few other machines in cabinets.
Saturday morning machines were shuffled around so Kenny could work his magic.

We finally got some much needed rain.
I felt it was ok to park myself in front of the sewing machine in the living room 
and watch crazy tv-The Walking Dead-while I sewed Pineapple Crazy blocks. 
Saturday night, 3 year old Estella stayed so no more crazy tv but still sewing away.
She was lots of help picking fabric and asked so many questions.
It was quite fun!
The girl loves green.
And blue and orange and....

This is Swoon Charlotte. 
My sister wanted this upholstery fabric made into shopping bags.
I couldn't do that...
not with this pattern waiting to be made.
She has a vinyl bottom and nylon webbing for the handles.
She will be a good work bag for Mary.

 Wednesday afternoon was spent with these people.
I took my Millefiore hexagons for rosette 2 along with me.
I wasn't sure how I wanted round 1 to go on.
After much spinning blocks and 
"making a puzzle"
we decided this is not the layout we want.
The black bars will circle the center block.
It's always fun to see things through young eyes.

I do have one more Vivian bag to make but she is on hold for a few days.
Today's plan is to finish up those 6 Pineapple Crazy blocks
and put Kenny away for a bit.
(I'm happy to have him out of the corner and easily accessible.)
Next up is to finish Tumalo Trails.
It's feeling a bit neglected. 

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Annie said...

Your posts are so full of life and so is your sewing! I love reading your whirlwind adventures withfabric and thread. Awesome bag for Mary. She just didn't know that it what she really wanted. I bet she loves it.

Mary said...

Your life is never Boring. The bags look great. I like the webbing for handles! So quick and easy to attach. Good idea to have the little help with the Mileflore Puzzle. Grandma time teaching and sharing the Love of Stitching is a good thing.

Julie said...

Looks like you are having a lot of fun!

Sue H said...

Oooh, Charlotte and Vivien turned out great! I want to make one of the bigger bags for myself, but I have about a month of other sewing to do first. Then it will be time for a nice fall bag! Love those Swoons...