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Monday, September 21, 2015

Design Wall Monday and...

...NSM Days 17-20

You know by now that I love Swoon Patterns. The last few days of National Sewing Month were not very kind to me. Or my brain was not very kind to me.  This wallet is called Pearl and she is fabulous! Not a hard sew at all. But my brain confused me at almost every step of the way.

If the instructions said to place the card slot openings on the right, I place them on the left and sewed them down. The seam ripper is now dull with all the use it got this week.

Here is an example of my brain at work. The tab need to be centered. There are nice marks on the center of the tab and the center of the wallet piece. Did I line them up? No, I did not. Not the first time anyhow!  In the end, I love the way Pearl turned out. She is fun and I can't wait to use her. 

Today I start something not quilt related or Swoon related. Today I am going to start making myself a bra. I've had the kits and the DVDs from BravoBella for over 2 years. Now I am going to work on this until I get one that fits me perfect. Wish me luck. I'm pretty excited about it again.

My goal to sew every day this month was interrupted by 45 pounds of tuna that needed put in jars on Saturday. My niece offered to share her catch if I would teach her to can. OK. Ernie, Anna and I used 2 pressure cookers and 133 jars and got it all done. That night Ernie had to "taste test" it and it passed his test. I couldn't move from the recliner......

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Ramona said...

Home canned tuna?? Sounds delicious!! How nice of your niece to share and of you to teach her to can. Your wallet is adorable. Why do our brains play games with us sometimes?

Churn Dash said...

On Project Runway they had to make a bra and pants set an episode or two back. My hat is off to you for even thinking about making a bra! They look hard.

The wallet turned out beautifully, it was worth all the effort. It seems that from time to time anything that can go wrong with a project does, but the final product is worth so much more.


Bonnie said...

Wow! Freshly caught tuna! My hubby would love to get a tuna. I would not have thought of canning it, we would have frozen it...probably would have purchased one of those vacuum sealing machines to do so. On the other hand, would our freezer had held that much?

Your Pearl is adorable. I hear ya, sister, on brain fog. My only advice is to get more sleep. Of course, if I were to follow my own advice I would wail about impinging on my sewing or reading time!

Mary said...

Cute wallet! I made a Bra once, and I used to make my girls' and boys undies too. NOT ANYMORE! Have fun, hope your brain and Ripper got some rest last night.

Marie said...

good luck with that bra project --- after seeing it on Project Runaway I'll gladly pay full price!

Tuna looks wonderful!

Kat said...

Way to be productive! I have never canned meat before but that tuna looks really good. BTW, I love the quilt in your header bar.

Kate said...

Pearl looks great. Some times our brains just do not compute instructions.

That's a lot of tune. I would have hit the recliner too.

Diane said...

Oh wow love the wallet!!
I'm really impress at the canning
But making your own bra!!! You go girl!!