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Monday, April 13, 2015

Pantry/Freezer Challenge

I am on a mission to empty out 1 old chest freezer.
It needs to be gone and replaced with a new upright.
I like having 2 freezers because you know I hate to shop.
I want my freezers and my pantry full.
Just in case.

Today's mission is to get all of the frozen whole tomatoes into the crockpot.
Did you know if you freeze them whole? 
They take up a lot of real estate.
When you thaw them, the skins come right off.
This will be really good tomato sauce.
Probably tomorrow.
It takes a long time in the crockpot.

Lesson learned...don't freeze any more tomatoes.

I figured what the heck and pulled out all the cut up tomatoes too.
The second crockpot will be full of those.
I think I will make this pizza sauce.

I'm not sure how much sauce I'll get out of all these.
I'd rather have it in jars than in the freezer.
I'll look up the pressure cooking time to see if it's the same as for canning dry beans.
Can't run the pressure cooker half full.

Too be continued.


Chris said...

In years past when the kids were home and I had a very large vegetable garden, I preferred to can everything that I could so it did not take up so much freezer space. Now there is just the 2 of us and I do not can much and the freezer is bigger than before.

Susan said...

We are eating some amazing things as I try to empty my small chest type freezer before hurricane season.

If it weren't for medication Lem and I would not have to shop for weeks on end........

Love being able to fix just about anything with what I already have on hand....

Or search for recipes for what is left on hand.....

Enjoy your freezer empty and the glorious sound of the soft 'pop' of the jars as they seal....

Quilter Kathy said...

That is a big job... good luck!