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Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Meeting Goals

I'm working hard to meet the weekly goals I set for myself.
First up is to finish the elk quilt.
Monday morning, bright and early, I set up my table and trimmed the quilt.

While the table was set up, 
 I cut out 2 Della Wallets.

Why not keep cutting, I have a retreat in a few weeks.
I took out a bin that said bright 2 1/2" strips to cut a new quilt.
When I opened the bin I found that I already had a plan for those strips.
I decided to go with that plan and cut and made kits for several blocks.
This will be a baby quilt when it is finished.
I even have the pretty pink flannel for the back.
May as well get the batting and binding ready too.
Where did that plan come from??? 

After dinner, I sewed the binding on and started stitching it down.
My goal was to stitch and watch The Voice.
I made it through the first hour before my eyes gave up.
This quilt will be finished soon.

I am going to start basting this quilt in a few minutes.
Yes, I am a bright and early person.

On a farm related note, 
I forgot to write about the new babies.
Friday, April 3rd, 12 baby chicks followed me home.
5 Buff Orpingtons
2 Black Australorps
and 5 Golden Sexlinks

Sadly one didn't make it but 11 are growing like baby chicks do. 

Today is going to be a busy day.
But first, I need another cup of coffee!


Mary said...

You are a Busy quilters this early morning. You are up with the chickens! Have fun. I'm prepping for teaching my first class at the LQS this week. Making a Brighter, high contrast version of the quilt. I hope to get it just to a TOP though, not enough timeto quilt it.

Diane said...

Look at those sweet little chicks! You are really getting things done!!

Sheila said...

What sweet baby chicks. Beautiful, colorful quilt.
Very nice wallets in a more recent post.