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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Pantry/Freezer Challenge-The Results

Oh my, the aroma in my house yesterday and overnight was amazing. It smelled like garden fresh tomatoes. Which is exactly what the tomatoes that I showed yesterday were when they went into my freezer.

My original plan was to make one crockpot full of tomato sauce and one of pizza sauce and to can them. I guess I didn't think my plan through enough because there is a ratio of tomatoes to lemon juice for canning tomato sauce and I didn't follow a recipe for that.  So, better to be safe than sorry, to the freezer these go! From the bulk food section of Winco, I had bought a pizza seasoning mix so I started dumping it in until it tasted good.

I ended up with 18 of these half pint Ball containers for the freezer. The perfect amount for one pizza on my home made crust. But first I'm going to go grab 1 of them out and make some pepperoni rolls and use it for dipping sauce. Mmmmm.

1 comment:

Mary said...

You are smart to do canning/freezing in the cooler months. My freezer has a lot of frozen strawberries waiting for jam.
Pizza sounds really good right now.