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Monday, April 06, 2015

Design Wall Monday

I'm happy to say the elk quilt for the hunting club is quilted. Today I will trim it and sew on the binding.  I will be happy to mark this project off my list for another year. This quilt measures about 72 x 94. Whoever wins it will be quite cozy bundled up with the flannel backing. I did a medium meander for the quilting. I think Quilt Inspector Polly approves.

I didn't do very well with my goal list from last week.  I now need to make 2 Swoon Della Wallets.  I decided to have the gals pick their own fabrics. Once you've made one, they go really fast. I love using mine. I've bought several of the Swoon patterns and have been real happy with the ones I have made.

I did work on a couple Pineapple Crazy Blocks but I put them away again. I have the next quilt ready to pin baste and I hope I have enough pins to baste another one while I have the tables set up.  I think it takes longer for me to set up the tables and get started than it does to pin the quilt.

I'm quite excited about the next 2 quilts. I can't wait to start quilting them.  I like that I already know how I want to quilt each of them.

My goals for this week are short and sweet.

  • Finish the elk quilt
  • Sew 2 Della Wallets
  • Pin baste 2 quilts
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Ramona said...

It does feel great to get a big project checked off of your list. Your Elk quilt design is so interesting! It looks like a big puzzle. Great quilt.

Linda M @ Pieceful Kingdom said...

Congratulations on a finish! The quilt looks wonderful.

Mary said...

The Hunters are very Lucky that you volunteer your creativity and make a quilt to Raffle off each year. Glad you got it done!

Nann said...

The elk quilt will be a big hit with the hunters' group. Doesn't it feel good to have it nearly finished?!