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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Slow Stitching Sunday

There has been slow stitching almost every night.
I cannot just sit and watch tv with hubby.
I need to be busy and knitting isn't happening.
So I stitch.

There is a group on Facebook called  Katja Marek's Fussy cutting EPP workshop.
It is a block of the week using The New Hexagon book.
January 2016 will begin The New Quilt Along.
So I am combining those for my own quilt.
Because I don't have enough hand piecing happening with Millefiore.
wink wink
I cannot wait to learn the tricks of quilting each of these hexies
and then joining them as you go.
I have an idea of how it's done but
I'll wait for the good instructions.

I am using the papers from Millefiore for the hexies.
If I don't have the shape,
I copy the template from the book onto card stock and cut out the pieces.

It has been so fun to pull scraps out of bags that were gifted from friends.
The orange block is named Judy,
the fabrics for that hexi and a few more came from my friend BJ.
I have a few blocks kitted and ready to stitch.
I need to get my next rosette for Millifiore kitted up.
But not today.
Today is all about fun--grands and movies and pizza.
Mom and Dad are going on a date.


LuAnn said...

I love your blocks Judy. I clicked your link and went over to check out the QAL. I've got the book and probably have some of the papers. I get in more trouble blog surfing. I've been working on Jen Kingwell's Smitten quilt which is kind of the same thing. I signed up for her newsletter.........

scraphappy said...

Have fun with the new quilt along. It is always great to combine different projects to make them your own.

Donna M said...

Sounds like fun. Love your blocks.

Quilter Kathy said...

Yippee... another hand stitching project!
Love it!