Monday, December 14, 2015

Design Wall Monday and.....

...Mystery Monday Link Up

There has been some secret sewing going on around here.
There has been some Quiltville mystery sewing too.
I love making 4 patches and think I've made oodles of them.
Saturday morning I sewed and sewed.
Pressed, matched pairs, sliced and sewed and pressed again.
I counted and pinned.
I was so excited thinking I needed 80, had 50, remembered I need 120.
Yes, that's a little peak inside my head. 
It's a happy place.
(Yes, I know there are words on that selvage edge.
The woven edge is cut off and the words are in the seam line.
Even if they showed a bit, I'm just fine with that.
Gives it a bit of character.)

So I cut some more strips.

It was a busy weekend with meat processing, canning and grandchildren.
Not a bad way to spend the weekend.

Today I'll sew.

Sometimes a girl needs brand new and shiny.
My love of vintage machines has not wavered but 
I like a good electronic machine
and this little gem was on an excellent sale.
Brother 6000i
And she was screaming at me to give her a home.
So I did.
I had to test her out on my 4 patches.
I will continue to use my vintage straight stitch only for piecing.
I will test this girl our on some machine applique and other things this week.

Monday is my favorite day of the week as I stroll around Blogland.
Time to fill up the cup and get visiting.


By Monday afternoon, all the 4 patches were finished
and put in the bag with the neutral rectangles.

Then put into their bin and put away until Friday.
Can it be Friday???


gayle said...

I think your happy place and mine have similar landscapes...
I play fast and loose with selvage edges, too. Never know when that 1/16ths sliver is going to be critical!

Feathers in my Nest said...

Haha...Selvages sneak into my blocks too..
Me three!! All our Happy Places are in the same quilty neighborhood.

Andee said...

Secret sewing and mystery fun!

Julie said...

Nice on the new machine and great for keeping up on the clues. I haven't started! I am also doing secret sewing!

Mary said...

Good for you to get another machine. It's always good to have a spare or two.
Glad you figured out the selvage was not as bad as it looked. December is my Favorite time to Link-up!

Vireya said...

Lots of lovely gold fabrics!

lourixe said...

I'm also a selvage sinner! I'm loving your blocks so far!

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

I have to confess I am a selvage sinner too! Get's me in a bind sometimes. Lovely little four patches, you are one busy lady. So far the clues have been so easy, wonder what Friday will bring :)

Mary said...

I have the Brother 6000i and it is a workhorse.I used it steadily from 2008 - 2012, and still use as my "class" machine. It got dropped by the hubby once and has a "broken foot" so it wobbles a bit, but when I put the extension table on it, it levels right out, and it is still "humming along". Enjoy your machine. I ordered a quarter inch quilting foot with guide from Amazon. Love it.