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Monday, December 21, 2015

Design Wall Monday and...

...Mystery Monday Link Up

Allietare Mystery in part 4.
3 sets complete,
2 in progress,

25 more in the box.
These actually sew pretty fast.
I'm chaining 2 sets at a time.
So far I haven't confused myself.
There's lots of time for that.

I learned a long time ago to to use the Easy Angle ruler when
making companion angle pieces.
I can't throw away a perfect chance for a good half square triangle.

After the first easy angle cut is made,
I turn the ruler to trim off the dog ears. 
Trimming those little bits is not fun for me.
I also trim off the Companion pieces the same way,
using the easy angle ruler. 
Just line up the angle and the bottom using the blunt end of the ruler. 

The black pieces???
Those were cut with my Go! Cutter and are already trimmed. :)

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Nann said...

As with all of the mysteries, it's hard to figure out what the blocks will look like! I'm enjoying seeing people's progress from my position sitting on the fence.

Mary said...

You are so wise to cut off those dog ears before sewing. Less fabric to get stuck going through the machine. I need the DIE to cut those small HST's maybe next time I see a sale at Accuquilt. I love the colors this year. I'm seeing less people changing them out. Hoping for blocks to make over the after Christmas week. I'll be trimming my dog ears in my spare time this week.

Melissa said...

Good job Judy! I haven't started this clue yet, but plan to tomorrow after I get my wrapping done today.

gayle said...

I do the easy angle end-triangle trick, too. Waste not, want not!
I need to start trimming my dog-ears ahead like you do, though. That's a wise move!

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Wonderful units for Clue#4, I have never made these before and really like them. And the mystery continues.

Vireya said...

The cutting seems to take much longer than the sewing, doesn't it?

lourixe said...

I agree with Vireya: in this clue I felt like it took me much more time to cut than to sew.
I like learning everybody's tricks along this virtual sewing bee.

Feathers in my Nest said...

Aren't you a clever Gal! Accuquilt & Easy angle! Have to Love Bonnie!..Looks wonderful.

Mary said...

That is a clever trick cutting off the dog ears before you sew. I think it would help you keep things in line on "both ends" a bit better, and less chance of chewing things up. I read somewhere that feeding the pieces with the blunt edge was preferred and gave a better finish. When you do cut the tips, does it make the piece interchangeable? Seems I have a whole strip that had no mates, and I was going to have to cut more "corners". I find this block very challenging to stitch and get the perfect size finished. Any tips? Mary / www.stitchinggrandma.wordpress.com

TheEclecticAbuela said...

Pretty reds! Happy Holidays.