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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Tiny Tuesday

Block 28 was fun! 
It's always fun to pull something out of the scraps and
turn it into something bright and happy.
These scraps were left from making rice bags.

Block 31 was a bit of a paper piecing challenge.
The center has been taken apart and redone.
3 times.
(3 times is my limit, if it doesn't work, well I tried.)
It really does look better than this, 
not perfect but better.
Perfection constantly eludes me.

I redid block 34.
I'm lots happier with this one.

I'm having fun with these Midget Blocks.
Lots of them are still available for free at
Sentimental Stitches under her free patterns tab.

I'm hoping to finish an applique block for next week.


Mary said...

I printed those Midget blocks out and haven't ever done even one. Kudos to you for Trying! Happy Tuesday! Singing the Les Mis song..."One More Day". My grandbabies will, all but 1, be together on New Year's!!! Grandma Bliss

Barb in Mi said...

Wow - those are tiny and beautiful! I admire your patience!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

WOW those are tiny pieces and blocks.