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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Leaving A Little Hint

I spent some time Sunday evening working on Grand Illusion. I had just a few more short strips to sew together when I ran out of bobbin thread.  I pulled out my trusty little bobbin saver for a new bobbin only to find all my gray ones are now empty. Since I was sewing with black fabric on the bottom, I just finished up with a black bobbin.

Now I'm ready to quit for the night. I have to remember to wind bobbins before I start sewing again. I left myself a little reminder.  It was time for a new needle and some oil and the dust bunnies need to find their selves a new home. I think this whole process took 5 minutes and I am set to sew for a few more hours.

I love that short stubby screwdriver but I forgot it's too fat to fit the screws of the throat plate. The little pink makeup brush is the best for holding on to those dust bunnies.  Of course I don't remember when I changed the needle last but I knew it was time for a new one.

A clean machine is a happy machine and that means I can sew, sew, sew!

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Mary said...

Good Idea. I've been chanting "Bobbi" and thinkin gof you! I found the tube of bobbins I had wound from a Retreat in October so I am good to go. Using 2 machines is a bit harder to keep count though. Bernina is too heavy to carry up and down stair to take out to Lynn's. Heading down for some Zoom time with teh Clue 3.