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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Saturday Sewing

I hadn't touched my sewing machine all week. The last day I sewed was Sunday before leaving retreat. I had great plans but something always came up. This morning Ernie left for hunting. I puttered around on the computer while having coffee and then when in to finish this quilt. I gave myself until 9:00 to sew then I had to do some housework.

Just before 9, Ernie came home with his deer.  There goes my morning! Not in a bad way, just something unplanned.

Everything was done, lunch was fixed and he decided to take a little nap.  I went in and quilted more. Then the phone rang. Plans were being made for more hunting.  Yeah! That means more quilting.

After he left, I kept at it and before long, this quilt was finished!  Binding on and stitched down by machine. Done!!!

I practiced echo quilting. Each flower block got a little better than the last.  I love the look of the back. This is my favorite flannel backing. I buy it at JoAnns. I've used in on lots of quilts and  I have never had a problem with it. My go to backing when I don't know what else to use.

Number 4 marked off the UFO Parade list and the super long UFO list. Looking back on the blog I see the top is finished July 2010. I know I got the book for this is July 2006 and remember working on these during down times at work.  



Mary said...

Good going. I am happy to see you getting to your UFO's too. My big stack of TBQ (to be quilted) is getting smaller.

Ruth said...

What's the backing? I was at JoAnn's yesterday, but only bought a chaco pen..