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Friday, October 03, 2014

On The Needles

I'm working on the No Purl Monkey Socks again. It is Socktoberfest Season after all. I want to knit a couple pair of socks this month. Or at least finish these. I have so much fun sock yarn to play with and I miss knitting. 2 more color sections were added last night before I was interrupted by someone needing loves . I will leave my knitting bag next to my chair and try to knit at least a color section each evening.

Miss Shirley Kitty is learning to lay on Momma's lap/legs without playing with the yarn. She is doing really good. What you can't see is the little dog that is napping on my right hip.

See what others have on their needles at Patchwork Times today.  I might be adding a new pattern to my collection.


Ramona said...

Your sock yarn is great. Love the colors and stripes. The pattern is nice, too. Good luck with your plan!

quilterchick said...

Love those socks! Inspires me to get back to my knitting.

straythreads said...

pretty yarn she must be a tired kitty

Mary said...

Love the yarn colors, your socks are looking good.

Teresa in Music City said...

Miss Shirley is so sweet! And how wonderful that she is willing to learn to sit quietly while you knit :) Love the colors and pattern for these socks!

Churn Dash said...

Love the stripes on the socks. I can't imagine having help to knit!