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Friday, December 13, 2013

When All Else Fails, Follow Directions

Part 2 of Celtic Solstice from Quiltville is Chevrons. 
Easy enough, follow directions, you'll do just fine.

Key words are follow directions.
I did not.

Instead of making the units on the left in the photo go up hill,
I made mine go down hill like the right side units. 
I didn't shed many tears,
instead I vented to my Facebook friends knowing I could save someone.
I was surprised others did the same as I.
Only most didn't make all 90 remaining units wrong like I did.

These are now set aside, 
waiting for me to make a decision on whether or not to complete the units for the back
or to create an additional border for this quilt (depending on what the final results are)
 or save them for something else. 

I cut more units.

I carefully followed directions.

I started a new audio book to keep me company.
I use One Click Digital through my library
to listen to books for free.
My friend Pam B told me about this and I'm so glad she did.
Thanks Pam B. 

I used these units to constantly check myself.

Then it was time to sew them into pairs,
finger press the seam open,
give them a light press with the iron,
turn them over,
give them a shot of starch 
and press them flat.

WhooHoo, all 100 units are complete with a few extras,
just in case...

And some half units waiting for something to happen.

Ready for Clue 2


Nancy said...

I frequently do the same thing - it's maddening. Glad to hear that had enough fabric to make the other set.

I'm going to check out the One Click Digital. Thanks.

pcflamingo said...

Yeah, I had to do a bunch of unsewing, too, when I didn't pay attention to the directions.....funny how that works out.

I think I scared my cat, who was "helping" me sew when I yelled out a very bad swear word while he was lounging on my cutting board nearby. He levitated about a foot into the air and then went into hiding.