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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Design Wall Monday on Sunday

After finishing all the Christmas gifts and finishing Clue 4 of Celtic Solstice, I dove into a new project. I wasn't going to do it, honest. I was going to wait until I had a couple other things wrapped up but darn it, the book has been right there in plain sight all month long!  

Mickey Depre showed her pineapple blocks here so I did a search to find Gyleen X Fitzgerald's book and ruler and ordered it that day! In just a few days it was in the mailbox.  Then last week, Mickey showed her progress. Since then the book has taunted me......you know that feeling, right?!?!  

So this morning I decided to make 2 blocks. I got out my 1 1/2" strip bin and started to play.  

I don't like all the waste and knew that I had read a size chart. So after I trimmed both block, I found the chart and now I will sort pieces so I don't have so much waste.

I have now put everything away and will wait until after the holidays are over and I can dive in without guilt.

Until then, I will reread the book and make myself a cutting chart. I have a bunch of scrap fabrics that need to be cut into strips and then maybe do some prep work so that when the time is right, nothing will stop me.

Monday I will link up with Patchwork Times-Design Wall Monday.  Until then, I have company coming in a few days and I have some things get done and none of them include starting a new quilt.


scraphappy said...

That will be a fun new project to look forward to. Anything to help tame the scraps!

Annie said...

You're so good about keeping your scraps at the ready and organized! This looks like the beginning of another great quilt!

Nancy said...

Oooh, I love those blocks!

Diane said...

I DO know that feeling-sometimes you must start a new project regardless!! I love the pineapple blocks and would definitely think a size chart would be perfect for that-I hate wasting all those cut offs too!
Have yourself a Merry little (or big) Christmas!

Mary said...

You can always add in those leftover triangles from the Chevron Blocks of CS to your Pineapple blocks. Less trimming off of strips with Triangles. Ya, I saw your tote yesterday. I had to find a different tote to fit them all in.

Ramona said...

These blocks look like they are a lot of fun to make! I know what you mean about starting something new when there are other projects to finish... sometimes we just can't help ourselves! :D

Merry Christmas!