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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Pieced Hexies Progress

This morning I was cruising around Blogland and came upon sarah did it: HeLP for Hexie-aholics. Of course I had to visit immediately!  As soon as I read a few of her posts, I quickly added her to my Bloglovin list so I don't miss anything. Then I hurried into the sewing room to grab my Pieced Hexi box.

It's been a while since I've stitched any Pieced Hexies together. I have 3 more to finish--see them in their kits?--and then these will be appliqued to a yet to be determined background.  Alternate blocks will be a very scrappy batik 9-patch.  I think they need a black background to make the Fairy Frost sparkle!

I absolutely love this book and cannot wait until the new book is released in January! You can see all the details here at Mickey Depre's website.  So many projects I want to do. I'm looking forward to the New Year and lots of stitching time.

I'm linking up to sarah did it! today and then I'm going visiting.


Teresa in Music City said...

Love your pieced hexies!!! Can't wait to see your newest ones now that you are re-inspired! :*)

Mary said...

Glad you got inspired again. I haven't tried the Pieced Hexies, YET!

Sarah said...

Thanks for joining HeLP!!! I've preordered PH2 and I'm also anxiously awaiting it's arrival!
I think my fav from your picture would be bottom left - is that with sparkle? LOVE the layout!