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Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Word For 2014


This morning I started thinking about my word for 2014. I thought about Extravaganza because I will have my 60th birthday this year. Then I though no, that's not quite right. I want to make it more about happiness all year instead of just the month of May which will be my Extravaganza month! I do love my month long birthday celebration that I started doing during my 50th year. 

Celebrate! I will celebrate my accomplishments. I love simple pleasures. Silly little things that make me smile, small accomplishments, big accomplishments, feel good moments. So I will celebrate them, whatever they are. 

Do you have a word for your year? 


scraphappy said...

Excellent choice for your word of the year. Congratulations on your milestone. Sounds like an excellent reason to celebrate.

Teresa in Music City said...

Great word Judy! So glad we will have the pleasure of helping you celebrate your 2014!!!

Marei said...

I turn 60 this year, also....at the end of April...so we're practically twins! I have chosen "gratitude" for my 2014 word. I find I don't always acknowledge all the goodness that comes along in my life, and so "gratitude" is to help me stay focused and appreciate ALL life has to offer.

Amy said...

Excellent choice of words.
I haven't put much thought into a word for 2014, but I'm sure to do so while enjoying a few more days of stress free vacation. Bonnie's suggestion of "Finish" is nearing the top of potentials :)

Happy Sunday, dear!

Marie said...

wonderful idea ... will need to think a bit on my "word" ... although I'm kind of fond of celebrate too!