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Saturday, November 17, 2012

What Can $8 Buy?

 Today was the Stash Builder's Sale sponsored by the local quilt guild.
I went with a plan.
I need aqua fabrics for the new Quiltville Mystery.

I found this fat quarter for $1.
That was the only piece I found.
I need to dig deeper into my stash for more aquas.

A lady was selling lots of wool and a few bags of cotton scraps.
I don't consider this size to be scraps.
I call them chunks.
This bag of Christmas fabrics was $2.
I think there is enough fabric for 2 or 3 candle mats.

And she had this bag full of flannel chunks.
I paid $6 for it.  
There is at least 2 yards of yummy flannel.
The will fit in nicely with the flannel I already have.

My sweet friend Sharlene bought these for me.
They will go nice with some other backing fabrics I have.

I had a good time and showed fabulous scrap control.

I've already started saving for the spring sale.


Diane said...

I just love a good sale too! You sure got a big bang for your buck!!

Amy said...

Wow---already saving for the Spring sale, huh? I can well imagine what you could come home with then!

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

You made every cent of your money stretch on that great find! Congrats on all the new goodies. I will be alright in the control category, as long as I don't get any great sale emails forwarded to me next year. LOL!