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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tiny Tuesday-Blocks 8 & 10

Midget block 8 is called Tri Color and is one of the blocks I was missing. 
Angela at soscrappy has a tab on her blog with all of her fabulous Midget Blocks.
So I looked up a few of the blocks I am missing.
Open EQ7 and in no time at all, I have rotary cutting instructions for this blocks. 
And in even less time, I have my block completed.

Block 10 is this little log cabin block.
I love these bright colors.

Block 9 is a little scary for me. 
I have the page printed out but no templates.
I think I am going to follow Jill's lead and replace it with something different but similar.
I'm not that excited about hand stitching anything.
Maybe one day I'll try it but not today. 

I'm linking up with Darling Jill's Tiny Tuesday.

Edit -- I've spent the morning working in EQ7 and have all my missing blocks printed out.  I'm feeling pretty smug/smart right now.  I have such a time in EQ7.  One of these days I'll have it figured out and be able to use it without having to run to my notes.  


Nancy said...

That log cabin block is SERIOUSLY tiny but really cute.

Ruth said...

Adorable log cabin.

I'd love to use EQ, if only I could figure it out! I think I'll have to make some cheat sheets.

scraphappy said...

I loved number 9, I must admit that I have gotten better at applique through these blocks. Have your tried the freezer paper on top method? Applique is a lot easier if the edges are turned under just right to start. Whatever you decide, enjoy the process.