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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Fall Retreat #2 Report

 Retreats are so much fun.
Two retreats within 3 weeks sure leave me exhausted!
It's not a bad thing.

I made 6 more Pineapple Crazy blocks.
I now have 32 and my scrap basket is a whole lot fuller thanks to my friends.
This quilt is going to be filled with love from my friends.
It will be like a giant hug all the time.

I am so excited about the progress made on Hawaiian Sunset 1845.
I think sometime this week all the blocks will be put together.

I go home during the day to check on the chickens and 
let the dogs run and take care of their business.
Day 1 when I came back these bags of scraps were piled in my chair.
I wanted to cry with happiness.
I have such awesome friends.
Thank you Francie. 

Friday morning Cookie taught (or tried to teach) a group of us to make Temari Balls.
If you have never seen these, search Google Images and be amazed.
Above is what mine is supposed to look like and my beginning.

This is a horrid photo of side 1.
I'm saying not bad for my first attempt.

This is the beginning of side 2.
Better but I still need to work on it.
I really do like doing this. 
It terrifies me that I have another passion.
You know what I mean.

It was a perfect weekend full of friends and fun.
Well, there was that one incident that we won't talk about...........  


Annie said...

YES!...I do know what you mean about being terrified of having another passion! It's why I have passed up a lot of the new crafts over the years that I would dearly have loved to try. You've been having a wonderful time over the past 3 weeks...and it shows. Good for you!

Nancy said...

Temari Balls balls are beautiful. I purchased some several years ago in Japan: I put them on my Christmas tree every year.

How great to find the scrap bags in your car. I know you'll have fun working with them.

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

How wonderful you got to go to two different retreats and receive free scraps too! How wonderful!!!!!