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Monday, June 18, 2012

Design Wall Monday

I have several things happening on my non design wall. 
 I miss that wall and need to figure something out. 
 I have a kind of plan but I'm not sure if it will work or not.  
So I do the best I can.

This is the quilt body waiting for borders. 
The borders are cut and waiting.

I continue to work on my blocks for the Sow-A-Long.
I don't know if you can tell or not but I had to unsew the outer units.
I sewed them backwards.
It's no fun unless you spend a bit of time unsewing.

I'm still making bow ties.
I ran out of precut parts.
So I started putting my little blocks together.
I think I should have taken another photo.
I'm excited to put this see this one develop into a top.

Go to Patchwork Times to see what everyone else has happening.
I love Monday in Blogland.


Vicki H. said...

I need a design wall, I use my table but it isn't working anymore. I love your bowties and that setting is fab. I spent much time unsewing over the past week. Hmm, I think I should NOT cut back on the coffee. :)

Cathy said...

I really like your bow ties. And the other one looks quite interesting. Is there a full picture of it?

Mary said...

Your bowties don't look so tiny as mine. Good idea to start putting them together that would make it easier to count them. How many have you made? I agree about the un-sewing...but still it isn't fun to make the boo boos in the first place.

Susan said...

Just like it is here.... Lots of things going on.....

Quilter Kathy said...

I love Monday too...I could stay on the computer the whole day! Too bad I have to work :(
Fun to see what you're up to!

Sue Daurio said...

busy busy busy. Ya no fun unless you do a little unsewing. Shoot I'm just a barrel of fun these days. Can't remember the last day when I haven't had to unsew something. LOVE the bow ties, beautiful.

AnnieO said...

Such wonderful colors in everything you are making, Judy! Love the stripey one. I need to put up a design wall too--did you see the gal who posted today from her Design Lawn? :)

Gari in AL said...

I, too, did some unsewing last week. Think there was a bug going around?