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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cutting, Cutting and More Cutting

I have been cutting fabric. Lots and lots of fabric.

These strips were cut for the strip swap at retreat last month.

These fabrics were cut for an online strips swap.

These 50 fabrics were cut for an online postage stamp swap.
There are several in this pile that were cut all the way down.
Strips of all sizes with the ends going into the string bin.
I'm going to start sorting my strip bins by color. 
That will be fun.

Does this irritate you as much as it irritates me?
I hate when I refold the fabric, straighten it and find this kind of a mess.
That costs me money.
It makes me unhappy.

And then I do something like this.
This 2 1/2" strip turned into a 2" strip.
That irritates me too.  

What doesn't irritate me is when JoAnn's has rotary blades on sale.
I put new blades in 2 rotary cutters and need to replenish my stock.
I'm always amazed when I put in a new blade at how much easier it is to cut fabric.
I didn't think I really needed a new blade.
I was wrong. 


fancystitching said...

Yes, it is one of my pet peaves that fabric stores sometimes cut things so off-grain you lose 6". It is even worse on wide linings!

Nothing like a new blade. It always makes me wonder why I struggled with a dull one for so long when for a few dollars I could have been cutting things with ease!

Annie said...

I do have to say it isn't the fabric store fault that the fabric is folded so far off grain at the factory. But, regardless, it is most irritating to pay for the substantial loss of fabric when we want it cut on the grain. I stretch the use of the blades well into dullsville myself!

scraphappy said...

I'm always amazed when I put in a new blade and always ask myself why I didn't do it sooner. Glad you got so much done, congratulations.

Michelle said...

Have the tried the carpet cutter replacement blades from Harbor Freight for your rotary blades? We like them!

Diane said...

I make crooked cuts too-drives ya nuts!
I am notorious for not changing by blade, it's scary that thing is so sharp even when it's dull. But lordy, it sure is nice to cut w/a sharp new blade.

Mary said...

Fabric swaps are fun. What group are you swapping those 50 Postage stamp fabrics for? I have a couple totes of scraps to go through- maybe next winter...It's garden and grandchild time around here this week-end.

Marei said...

I get totally frustrated by off grain cuts and cuts that I can't make straight to save my life. I once had to turn 2.5 inch strips into 1.5 strips because I kept slipping my ruler! Somedays I think I'd be better off with knitting needles in my hand...or maybe just some chocolate!! :)