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Monday, June 11, 2012

Design Wall Monday

After my Weekend Quiltathon, I was still in the mood to sit at the sewing machine. I was also trying to get away from the TV. I reached into the UFO bin and pulled out this just started project.

I had won a jelly roll and found a cute pattern for it and had sewn some of the strips together.  Then everything was folded all nice and neat and put back into the bag with the book and fabric for borders, binding and the back.  I wish I knew why I didn't finish this.  I love these fabrics and it's going to be such a soft quilt.

(sorry for the bright picture-that's what happens when there is a light bulb explosion)

When I did emerge from the sewing room, I decided to work on the Boxy Stars binding.  In the past, I used sharp pins to pin my binding down and being the klutz that I am, was constantly sticking myself.  I told Ernie next time I go into town, I'm buying myself some fancy new clips to hold down my binding instead of using pins.  I had watched my friend use them a couple weeks ago and thought they were pretty clever.

Then a light bulb exploded in my head!  I have a box full of binder clips!  Duh!!!  These work great and made me feel pretty good about using what I have.  I only wish I would have had this light bulb explosion the night before as I was stitching on the other quilt.  See you can teach an old dog...........

Check other design walls here and see Judy L's quilt with her fabulous borders.  I love Mondays in Blogland.  Now I'm off to visit with blog friends, old and new.


Diane said...

My first thought was what a soft looking quilt of your first picture.
Good that you had the light bulb moment BEFORE you bought the new clips--that would have been my luck!
you are really on a roll there.

Nancy said...

I use clips when attaching binding, too. Mine are large hair clips, but I like the butterfly clip idea, too.

My last Quilt of Valor is bound with the same fabric. I like using striped fabric for binding.

Mary said...

Happy for you to use what was already at your house rather than buying the new clips. I've seen them, but I think I like the size of the Binder Clips better to hold the binding in place. I'll have to use my Binder clips on the Bindings I have to do this week.

Quilter Kathy said...

Very clever! Looks like it is working well.
I wish I knew why some projects (that I really like) slip into the UFO pile...too much creativity and too many new projects?!?!

Paula, the quilter said...

Those are the clips I use too. I love love love that heart and star fabric.

Vicki H. said...

I love the binder clips and I feel great when I don't repurchase things I have, or in my case forgotten I have!! LOVE your colors in the first quilt!